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06.07.2018 - Snapchat (http://snapchatplus.strikingly.com/)
Snapchat is an app that keeps you in touch with friends and family thanks to its interactive, multimedia messaging system. Share your favorite events live or record them as video messages that automatically disappear without a trace after a few seconds.

Just take a quick snapshot, add a few stickers or a message and choose how long you want your snap to be visible to your friends. That's it.

That said, in order for anyone to get your snaps, they'll need to have the app installed as well. As an added security measure, anytime you send a snap and someone takes a screenshot; you'll get notified so you're always in the know on who has pictures of what.

Once upon a time, Snapchat was simply a means to an end: sending dirty pictures that could easily erase. Thankfully, now this popular messaging platform has evolved to represent what looks like a major component for the future of social media: ephemeral video messaging.

All in all, Snapchat is an easy way to keep in touch with friends or share info about live events using AR face masks, stickers and ever-changing filters.

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06.07.2018 - Truecaller (http://truecaller.strikingly.com/)
Truecaller - Caller ID & Block 9.7.7 True Software Scandinavia Find out who is calling you
TrueCaller is a tool that enables you to identify any incoming call so that you know who is trying to contact you before you answer the phone. That means you can block any unwanted numbers so that they can never call you again.

In addition to the caller recognition function, which you need a WiFi or 3G Internet connection to use, TrueCaller includes some other interesting features. For example, you can use photos from Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to personalize the screen that shows up when your friends and contacts call.

When you receive calls from unfamiliar numbers, TrueCaller will tell you how many users have marked the number as unwanted. That helps you quickly figure out if the call is interesting or important - or not.

TrueCaller is a useful app for anyone who has had it with telemarketers and other unwanted calls. When this app installed, you'll never have to deal with unwanted calls again.

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